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People who have experienced our ONE-PERSON RESIDENTIAL INTENSIVE RETREATS have praised them and told us how life changing they are. Here’s what they have to say:

(references available on request)

"Though I have experienced many healing and spiritual growth trainings over the years, I felt disconnected from my soul light in the months preceding my intensive healing retreat; I was still burdened by old patterns, and in a spiritual crisis. I was in deep pain and confusion. I experienced a profound change after working with Kristine and Barry. I am more solid in myself, more connected to Source, calmer and happier. They are masterful in many modalities and move easily from one to another as the need arises. They work seamlessly together. I felt completely safe and loved, knowing the process was being led by our higher selves and aligned with the highest good. Their ability to track the energy and follow their own guidance helped me to be present to my own. The accommodations are comfortable and private. If you are ready to really move into a deeper level of commitment to live more completely in responsibility and light, this is an unparalleled opportunity."

- Anonymous female: retired professional, age 69


“Thank you for your gentle, playful guidance. I feel that this weekend was a major turning point in my life. Bless the work that you do, for it fosters true freedom!”

- Victoria: health practitioner, age 35

Words cannot express how much I enjoyed our weekend together. Through your commitment and vision you empowered me to see who I really am for myself and the world. What an invaluable gift to me and to all that is in my life. Thank you for creating such a supportive nurturing family space to grow and reveal myself. As I move forward I am so excited about how I can make a difference by putting forth my heart and soul to all around me and in the process creating a path that powerfully aligns with the universe. Thank you again for you extraordinary work.

- Anonymous male: real estate broker, age 51


I came to Barry and Kristy for a 3 day retreat because I knew that I needed some deep inner work. The typical one hour sessions over many weeks to months was not going to meet my needs. What I received far surpassed any of my expectations and was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Over the past 3 months since my retreat I find myself returning to the warmth and embrace I felt from Barry and Kristy and it continues to guide me in my life's path. There is more clarity in my purpose and I can connect with myself for that love, compassion and support which is something that I was unable to do before. I continue to reach out to Barry and Kristy as needed when I fall off my path and with grace, love and strength they help me find my way. I am so grateful to have found them.

- Anonymous female, physical therapist, age 40.


“18 month ago, I had several core issues present themselves, and felt it was time to redo some in-depth work with these issues. So, I decided to do a three-day intensive healing and coaching experience with Barry and Kristy. I was attracted to the fact that they worked as a team, and used many different tools and techniques. I was a little leery about staying in their house, even though it was lovely private quarters, since I had never done this before. However, as it turned out, this was one of the best pieces of the whole process. It's like I was cocooned in a safe, loving space that allowed me to experience a continuum, which would not have been possible if I was leaving and going to a motel at night.

Even though I didn't quite know how to delve into my issues, Barry and Kristy seemed to know exactly how to take me to the places that I needed to go, and then help me do some deep processing, which brought about much understanding for me, and allowed me to do some incredible healing work. It's impossible for me to really convey in words how these three days impacted my life, and helped me go forward with a new internal strength, and renewed vision for how to live an empowered life.

- Irene: former school teacher, age 64


Enough time has elapsed (18 months) since my 3 day intensive retreat for me to have successfully integrated much of the work I did there. I worried I might get lost in the depths of my work, but this never happened, due to Barry and Kristy's skills and sensitivity. They were able to help me work deeply, while feeling safe. This gift of my work with Barry and Kristy has served me incredibly well.

I would highly recommend this residential intensive for anyone who feels stuck in their healing process, or is ready to begin to heal.”

- Anonymous Female: healing light worker, age 65


"I still feel very vulnerable and am grieving. Overall, however am experiencing greater freedom and moments of deep joy and happiness. Things are really shifting in my life! I think of you often and am SO grateful for you both in my life. "

- Anonymous female: medical physician, age 41.


"For years I recognized pain in the deep recesses of my being. Unfortunately, I had immense difficulties in dealing with these negative feelings that I sincerely believed hindered me from becoming a completely whole person because I couldn't clearly identify the pain’s source or explicit manifestations. It was within this context that I asked for help from Kristy and Barry."

"While I was anxious and a bit nervous about confronting my personal “dark places”, Kristy and Barry served as wonderful travel guides to get me to where I needed to go. Their personal love and positive, caring attitudes made what could have been an overly frightful journey (and indeed parts of the journey were disturbing) to one that was manageable and always grounded by my clear consciousness. Kristy and Barry acted like a circuit that I connected with that explored the sources of my long-held pain. Since this “healing”, I have felt refreshed and renewed with greater self-awareness. I highly recommend the wonderful work of Kristy and Barry; they truly have gifts and wisdom to share with others. "

- Anonymous male: military professor, age 58


"Barry and Kristy are overflowing with peace and kindness, and incredible presence. I am still in awe of how they can bring relaxation into a space and let whatever is be, with unconditional acceptance. Just being around them is healing and inspiring in itself, but lucky for all of us, they've found purpose in helping others become more alive as well."

"My experience with their work was full of curiosities, tears, and letting go. I felt completely safe with them guiding me through my experience, and they were able to ask questions to keep me focused, break through stuck places, and discover tools from within. I wish everyone could meet and work with Barry and Kristy. They are living examples of and catalysts for peaceful, deeply relevant transformation."

- Lyris: chef, student, age 28


"Had a WONDERFUL visit with my dad. I was able to release all negativity and had absolutely no desire to engage in our typical "dance" of adversity. I was truly cheerful and playful with him. He responded in kind. I even looked fully into his eyes and he held my look. I was so relaxed and unguarded with him. Thank you again for facilitating that release. I am so grateful.

On another note my root chakra has been "humming--vibrating" continuously since our meeting. My sexuality has been awakened. I feel so vibrant and alive! I now feel I will be able to fully engage in and enjoy my physicality and am so aware now of its power! In the past I denied that aspect of my self. I now embrace it. WOW is all I can say!"

- Anonymous female, retired professional, age 5


"Images, sounds, and feelings from my experience with you "on the table" have remained close to the surface. With you as gentle and caring guides, I was able to unearth and face some past hurts in an environment in which I felt entirely safe. I came away lighter - more peaceful and more present. You helped open a pathway for me to begin to be able to comfort and heal myself. "

- Susan: editor, age 58

“Staying with Kristine and Barry for a residential intensive, ”...I was trying to explain away my most inner sources of this fear; loss of family, being alone, recovering from ill health and how to save my life. Barry and Kristine got right to the source of power and healing, breaking through years of neglect and worry. Nothing was more important than to reveal myself and trust these two wonderful friends. I found out I could trust again, feel love and spirituality. Energy healing works!”

- Anonymous male: school teacher, age 57


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Don't hesitate to email or call with further questions or concerns.

Click here for Kristine and Barry's professional credentials and experience.

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Choose Conscious Living presents
at our Inner Essence Center

Are you feeling “stuck” in your relationship and need some deeper help?

Needing clarity about who “I am” and who “we are”?

Do you “get it” at the workshops, from the books, during sessions, but then “lose it” again quickly in “real life”?

Do you know how to be conscious with each other, but just can’t seem to get there or stay there on your own?

Wanting your relationship to feel more spiritually alive? Driven by inner desires for living the enlightened life?

Childhood wounding still causing emotional reactions in your relationship; anger, fear, anxiety, confusion?

Interpersonal conflicts interfering in your relationships, still limiting your ability to experience intimacy in the ways you deeply yearn for?

Longing to move forward with authenticity?

Want to get down to the nitty-gritty, the core of your relationship, and get feedback on what’s still there that’s needing attention?

Needing help on your ascension journeys? Wanting the deep spiritual experiences that open you to your True Selves? Do you long to live in your Inner Essence?

Want to bathe in the flow of unconditional, non-judgmental attention and love?

Our ONE-COUPLE RESIDENTIAL INTENSIVE RETREAT may be just what you need. It’s designed as a powerful two or three day opportunity for just one couple…you…to make major breakthroughs in healing, growth, and relating, all in a comfortable home with the safe, loving attention of two highly skilled and experienced coaches and healers…us.

These one-couple retreats are a powerful combination of all of the services we provide. This is a custom-designed opportunity that happens moment to moment in the now, with you (your souls) in the drivers’ seats. We assist you to heal core wounds and to take new tools, new levels of consciousness, increased self-awareness, and creative manifestation skills into the world that you determine, together.


You stay with us in our beautiful and comfortable home in Madison, Wisconsin, for two or three days and nights, just the four of us. No phones, computers, tv or other distractions. We provide your own private and comfortable living quarters. We provide meals, bedding, and towels. (We'd consider coming to your location. Ask us, if interested.)

You share your wants, desires, longings, hopes; your fears, blocks, regrets, issues.

We guide you through a diversity of wholistic processes and modalities, uniquely shaped, adapted and responsive to your individual needs and goals and addressing the different levels of your being; physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Some healing, some learning, some practicing. (Learn more about the variety of tools we use by exploring our web site at

Guided by your souls, we give our professional, intuitive, loving and affirming attention to the two of you, and only you, virtually all day and evening. That’s around 12 hours of personal healing and coaching per day! X2 of us! All for you! (Yes, there are some breaks).

In this prolonged and ongoing continuity of experience, we are able to reflect back to both of you and each of you and raise your awareness of yourselves, and how you interact, in ways for which traditional, short “sessions” just don’t allow enough time; nor do workshops with multiple participants typically allow for this kind of moment-to-moment, loving, laser attention to you.

Your bodies will be active.

Your minds will be engaged.

Your emotions will be welcome.

Your souls will lead the way.

Fun, playfulness and magic will happen!

By the end of the retreat, you’ll feel a renewed sense of well-being and a fresh clarity around your life purpose and relationship.


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How To Create Your Own

Choose one of the following plans. Retreats can be arranged for any days of the week or weekends, depending on our availability. Contact us by email or phone to arrange dates.

3-Day Retreat - Stay 4 nights
Arrive 6pm
Session ends 72 hours later
4th evening is for your integration and rest
Depart next morning
$2,100 (For the same time and attention in single sessions, this would cost $7,200)

If you have not worked with either of us before, we will require a preliminary interview with both of you. This can be in person, by phone or by Skype and will last less than one hour. During this time you can ask questions about the retreat, processes, etc and we will want to get to know you a bit and why you want a retreat.

Once you and we have determined that it is a good match, we can schedule the dates.

To hold your dates, you will be required to make a down payment of $500, payable by check or by credit card through PayPal, at least one month before the retreat starts.

We will then send you registration forms and details about what to bring and how to plan.

The remainder of your fee will be required before or on your arrival.

Cancellations within one month will require a forfeiture of $100.

Cancellations within one week will require a forfeiture of $500.

Upon your arrival at 6:00pm, we will immediately start the process.

For the next 72 hours, we will work together (except for sleep and breaks).

Beginning at 6:00pm on the last evening, you will have time to use as you choose, alone or in informal “visiting” with us. Time to integrate your healing and learning.

The next morning, you depart by 9:00am.


Email us at

or call 608-345-2470.

We welcome questions and concerns. Don’t hesitate. Trust your gut.

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