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Healing, Growth and Spiritual Transformation



As a trained professional with over 35 years of training and experience in a number of healing modalities, Kristine Gay has developed an energy-based and intutive mind-body approach that combines energy healing with cognitive access to the subconscious and super-conscious mind. This allows for re-patterning of negative beliefs, release of wound and trauma patterns, and/or release of emotions connected to troubling memories.  She is able to assist you with instilling effective coping strategies, positive beliefs, behaviors, and understandings that help you to create your life the way you want it.

Using deep processes like scanning and attending to, Kristine tracks blocked energies, negative energies, excess emotion stored in the body, and places where the energy may be distorted or tightly wound. Using highly skilled presencing abilities, Kristine is able to assist you with unwinding these energies, often uncovering subconscious beliefs, memories, and patterns connected to them, allowing these to be repatterned while reestablishing deep harmony, balance, and peacefulness in the energetic body, experienced on the physical level.  She utilizes her skills to identify unconscious beliefs, self-sabotage patterns, ingrained family patterns and beliefs that often are the underlying causes of depression, anxiety, anger, obsessive-compulsiveness, sleep problems, school and work problems, low self-esteem, food, eating and weight issues, addictive behaviors, money/financial problems, and interpersonal/relationship problems.  These are often underlying problems associated with physical health problems and illness.  Clearing these negative patterns can assist you in your healing journey as you follow-through with medical and other alternative health treatments.

Kristine has many years of working with individuals suffering from past trauma, abuse, and neglect. She has developed successful ways to assist you with clearing the old energies and patterns from these past experiences. She teaches you how to manage emotional triggering in ways that allow for the  rewiring of the brain and emotional responses, while neutralizing the charge of the original trauma experience and the memories associated with them.

As part of the treatment process you will learn and improve your abilities to utilize mindfulness meditation, relaxation skills, and presencing of yourself for increased personal healing and spiritual transformation.

Why would I choose Kristine for my healing, personal growth and spiritual transformation?

We can accomplish more than traditional therapyóand in a shorter time. Through an eclectic approach, developed specifically for your particular circumstances, using a mind-body, deep energy approach you are assisted with getting to the core issues.  Shifting from the level of core beliefs, patterns, etc. change can happen more quickly than with traditional talk therapy or talk style coaching.  We teach and assist you with developing your own skills and tools you can use for your own healing and personal transformation process.  This allows for more growth and wellness to occur between sessions as you integrate and heal between sessions together.  This makes it possible to accomplish more in fewer sessions and considerably less money in the long run.

Heart-centered Compassionate Approach:

Kristine has the ability to connect to frequencies of light and unconditional love  which she accesses in her session with you. Many clients who come to her after seeing other healers and professionals have remarked that they feel more empowered, safe, loved, and cared for in one session with her (even on the phone).  Our goal is to create a safe, loving container for you to do your healing within. We see all individuals as aspects of divine light; beings of light having an earth experience.  Here, you are admired in your own unique expression and journey as a sacred unfolding.  Our focus is to facilitate you to reach your goals in a way that honors and respects who you are as spirit and as a person, respecting your experiences, your feelings, and your aspirations as key components of your life journey, ever-unfolding into your greater magnificence. You are increasingly encouraged to step into your full power as a loving, expansive, limitless, and creative being. You are a magnificent being of light.

Deep Permanent Changes

At Inner Essence you get in touch both consciously and subconsciously with the essence of who you are as a spirit being, who you truly are.  You open into feeling your magnificence at an ever-deeper level. As you and your practitioner partner with Source and your Higher (or super-conscious) Self, you are assisted with shifting old patterns, beliefs, energy attitudes, and habits that are interfering with living a full life. You are likely to feel exhilarated, more empowered, and even more youthful at the end of your sessions. As you learn to connect to your Higher Self wisdom, you access the super-conscious part of who you are, connecting you to all the intuition, wisdom, and knowledge held by that part of yourself.  With access to your wisdom and intuition, life decisions and every day choices become easier and more fruitful. Your greater wisdom knows exactly what decisions and choices best serve your highest good.  Our job is to help you clear the way so you can easefully access this part of yourself, making it possible for you can create the life you want with ease and joy.

You may not feel all the energy changes at the time of treatment since a major part of what we are doing is working with your subconscious mind. Some people can actually feel the energy downloads they receive into their space, while others feel nothing. Either way it works. You will at the very least gain more conscious insight into your life, and as time goes on after the session, you will notice how both your conscious and subconscious reactions to your life events are different.


You As A Magnificent Being:


When you come to an Inner Essence Energy Healing practitioner, you are experienced as the magnificent being you are. When we engage with you, we look at your energy field and perceive the essence of the divine being that you are. We communicate this to you both consciously and subconsciously. We give you downloads you need to really see/feel the magnificence and beauty of who you are and to embody this both consciously and subconsciously every day of your life. And through this action of seeing and relating to you as this being at all times, it brings the power, beauty, and goodness of your divine being more fully and more completely into your every day reality.


Total Involvement of the Client:

You are completely included in every process, being invited to witness and to feel everything that your practitioner is facilitating for you. Also, nothing at all happens without your permission, so you are always in control of the session.

Take charge of your own aliveness. Live effectively. Enjoy and play in life. Itís all just right there for you. Itís your birthright!

Kristine is trained to help you access your conscious connection with your Higher or Authentic Self, increasing your ability to utilize your own greater intuition, wisdom, and higher guidance for decision-making and goal attainment.  Kristine assists you to empower yourself to become the master of your own life; master of your mental and emotional life experience, and master of your own co-creative and manifesting skills.


Check out our


with both of us at our Inner Essence Healing Center

There are many techniques and resources in the tool chest, depending on your particular needs and where you are on your path. These modalities include: 

  • Counseling

  • Mind-Body-Spirit

  • Brainspotting

  • Theta Healing

  • Reiki

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Hands-on healing

  • Astrology

  • Meditation training

  • Sound healing with harmonic balancing

  • Magnetic healing

  • Attracting and Manifesting principles

  • Lifestyle choices

  • Spiritual coaching

  • Assertiveness training

  • Communication coaching

  • Awareness Release Technique

  • Attending To process

  • Radiatory healing

  • Energetic Dialogue

  • Unwinding techniques

  • Role playing

  • Energetic Body Attunement

  • Chelation Therapy




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